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Clavus cattery breeds the races Neva Masquerade and Siberian cat in a home environment. Since my cats are my family members the focus is on breeding cats with a great temperament and of course also on them being healthy and typical of the breed. Here you will find information about upcoming and planned litters, our cats, short about us and information about the races and our breeding. To see photos and daily updates, we refer to our Instagram.

Our cats


IDP* Eriksdals Maserati (2013-11-13)

Old man in the house, makes sure everything is in place. I prefer to hang on the terrace.

HCM - normal ❤️
PKD - normal


SE* Saltsjö-Boos Dixie (2017-10-24)
Champion in Sweden 2018-10-14

The mother in the household, I make sure that everyone is clean and fresh, whether they want to or not.

HCM - normal ❤️

PKD - normal

Fiv/Felv - negative


CH SE* Clavus Sputnik (2023-01-17)

This cool blue-eyed boy is a nice cosy big bear. 

HCM - normal ❤️

PKD - normal


HU* Bielobog Asconia Nova 

In december Nova moved in with us. She is a gentle sweet babie, and she is Masses favorite girl. 

About us

My name is Malin Spiik, I live in Frövi with my 3 nice cats. It is a small-scale breeding in the home. Since I am an extreme fur animal allergy sufferer, who of course loves animals, I did not think that a cat could be possible. But I had heard about the Siberian cat and started googling, found that you could visit a test home and signed up for such a visit. There I sat in central Örebro with a cat in my lap! Then i found two Siberian cats of almost 4 years that needed to be relocated, after a first successful visit to them, they moved in. However, the happiness was short-lived when little Livija became ill after only 3 months and unfortunately passed away. If I was sad, it did not matter what her life partner Masse became, he did not like being a lone cat at all.

It was there and then that I found the breed Neva Masquerade, the dream of becoming a cat breeder began to take shape and I was lucky enough to find an extremely competent breeder to buy my Bruttan from.

  • SE* Clavus

    The name Clavus comes from my surname Spiik, Spik in Latin is namely Clavus.


When you buy a kitten from me, I want to make sure that it has the best possible conditions, the cats and kittens live with me. The first weeks of the kittens' lives they spend in a special cat room with mother cat and with me sitting on the floor for a large part of the day.

They will be used to being handled and I take visits when the kittens have grown up to so that they will be used to different people. And they are deeply loved ❤️

To be able to rule out the most common diseases we know about, my cats are checked for the following:

HCM - a heart disease that is tested by ultrasound.

PKD - a kidney disease in which cysts form on the kidneys, which are also detected via ultrasound.

Fiv / Felv - is a virus diseases. Fiv can be compared to HIV in humans, Felv can in the lead lead to tumors or fatal infections. There is today no approved drug that you can treat fiv / felv with, you test with blood tests, which is done before each mating.

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